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PhD Opportunities

The Babraham Institute is an international focus for innovative research in post-genomics studying gene function in cells, organs and systems, supported principally by the Research Councils. It is a recognised postgraduate University Partner Institute of the University of Cambridge. Each year a number of Research Council and Babraham studentships are available leading to a University of Cambridge PhD degree. Our Careers video page has more information about studentships and other careers in research.
Full details of potential projects and supervisors are given below; our supervisors welcome informal enquiries.  These studentships can be awarded for up to 3.5 or 4 years.



Our Science

Two themes are central to our research remit: cell signalling – how cells respond to cues from their external environment; and epigenetics – how the genome is regulated without change to the DNA sequence of genes.
Our research under these themes is carried out in the context of important processes in early development and of key functions of the body, particularly in the immune and nervous systems. Much of the work employs genetic models in rodents which can reveal both underlying molecular mechanisms at the cellular level and their overall impact in terms of dysfunction and disease.

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Our Services

The Institute is fully equipped for state-of-the-art biological research including: innovative molecular biology, stem cell manipulation and transgenics, epigenetics, next generation sequencing, structural studies on chromatin, real-time laser scanning confocal microscopy, monoclonal antibody production, calcium imaging, fluorescence sorting of cells, gene targeting and knockouts, mouse models of disease, mouse behavioural testing, bioinformatics, computational biology, mass spectrometry for proteomics and lipidomics.