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Our vision is to deliver impact by translating our science and understanding of fundamental biology to promote lifelong health and wellbeing. Here you can find the latest news from our scientists as well as events and other opportunities to get closer to our research. For specific reports, updates and opportunities relating to our impacts and equality in science, visit our Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation, Public Engagement and equality4success blogs.

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How good bacteria control your genes

The Varga-Weisz lab discover changes in the genome caused by signals from gut bacteria

Signals produced by bacteria in the gut could help prevent infections…


Keeping egg cells fresh with epigenetics

The Kelsey lab study the MLL2 protein in egg cells

Unusual epigenetic marks in egg cells keep them in stasis until…


Institute wins national Openness Award

Ongoing partnership with Dutch school finds success

Award recognises efforts to engage students with research using…


Chromos at ZKM 'Open Codes' Exhibition

Find Chromos virtual reality (VR) experience in Karlsruhe, Germany


Schools' Day 2018


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