Questions around cellular plasticity: naive pluripotency and epigenetic rejuvenation by reprogramming

Wednesday 15th July 2020

12:00 - 13:00hrs via zoom

My lab has a general interest in cell plasticity, how it is regulated, and its beneficial or maladaptive implications. I will present two recent projects.  First, I will talk about how the transcriptional machinery regulates cellular plasticity.  We have identified an actionable kinase, CDK8, and we show that chemical inhibition of CDK8 reinforces enhancers and thereby cell identity, resulting in a loss of plasticity.  We apply this to solve a long-standing problem that is the stabilisation of human pluripotent stem cells in their naïve state. Then, I will present our data in collaboration with the laboratory of Wolf Reik on the use of the Yamanka factors to trigger plasticity in vivo in a regulated manner.  I will show that transient in vivo expression of the Yamanaka factors induces epigenetic rejuvenation of tissues. 

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Matt Humphries
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