The Containment unit provides quarantine of low health status animals, ensuring total separation from clean stocks held in the other Bio-science units.

Access to the Containment unit requires a change of clothes only and has a dedicated staff group.  Access to this unit is less restrictive than the higher health status units. 
The unit provides quarantine facilities for imported animals using negatively pressured Flexible Film Isolators.

Separate ‘containment suites’ hold animals in specialized negative pressure Individually Ventilated Cages whilst undergoing experimental work at Containment Level 2.

​All animal work is performed in Class II Microbiological Cabinets which are available for booking by researchers.

Isolator room The main Flexible Film Isolator suite is used to quarantine imported mice which are often of a lower health status than is acceptable in the other Bio-science areas.
Mouse racks Specialised Individually Ventilated Cages are used to segregate experimental animals without cross-infection between cages
Workstation Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets provide containment whilst working with animals