Assemble the immune army: the battle for your body

Assemble the immune army: the battle for your body

Whether or not you’re lucky enough to be attending the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2015, you can get a flavour of our exhibit, ‘Immune army: Weapons of Microscopic Destruction’ without leaving home.
Our newly released video introduces your immune army and how the key cells of your immune system work together to keep you fit and healthy. The video stars the five main cell types making up your immune system:

Image removed.B cells: the ninjas who recognise any invader and make antibodies

Image removed.T cells: the soldiers, sergeant majors and policemen of the immune system who coordinate attacks and kill

Image removed.Macrophages and dendritic cells, the surveillance squad who eat invaders and alert B and T cells

Image removed.Neutrophils, the foot soldiers and first line of defence who detect invaders and unleash chemical weapons to kill

In addition to bringing the immune system to life using animation, the video features Babraham Institute researchers explaining how discoveries resulting from the Institute’s immunological research programme have helped advance our understanding of how the immune system works with important applications for healthcare and in an ageing population.
Watch and enjoy! Discover more on our Weapons of Microscopic Destruction website