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PhD Student - Martin Baker

The Babraham Institute is a remarkable place to do a PhD and I consider myself very fortunate to have had this opportunity. Whilst at the Institute I have been participating in world leading research as well as enjoying the many social events and the friendly atmosphere that the campus offers.

During my research I have had excellent support and guidance from my supervisor and others in the institute, whilst still being afforded the freedom and independence to develop as a scientist.

It of course helps that our research budget is capable of covering all our needs and as a result, I have never been told that a particular experiment or chemical is too expensive.

Interaction between labs, whether in lab meetings or at socials, is strongly encouraged and different labs often work together. 
Martin at bench

The facilities here are also excellent with fantastic equipment/toys for you to play with, which you will be given tuition and guidance on how to use. The Institute provides lots of training sessions for its students, educating us in a wide range of topics from bioinformatics, data analysis and presentation skills, to a crash course in intellectual property and patent law.

‚ÄčThere are also many opportunities to participate in science outreach activities such as volunteering for science festivals or doing interactive science sessions in primary schools. Needless to say, if you express an interest in science outreach then a Babraham institute t-shirt will quickly be found in your size and you will be given the opportunity to explain amazing science to children of all ages. This is something which I have enjoyed and is a great way to practice your presentation skills.
 If science outreach doesn’t appeal to you, and when you’re not in the lab you would rather be taking a break from science, then there are plenty of other things to do! Whether it’s using our gym (with sauna!), pretending to be a pro on the tennis court, or simply strolling around the extensive gardens, there is definitely something for you.

You can also join the Institute football team (we beat LMB every year), play volleyball on summer evenings, or drink away those experiment troubles in the bar. Whether you’re an ale drinker, sports fanatic or if you sleep, eat, drink, bleed and poop science, then there is something here for you!

‚ÄčThis is of course in addition to the countless activities and opportunities that Cambridge University College life has to offer.

The time I’ve spent at The Babraham Institute has been invaluable to me. Not only have I developed as a scientist and learnt essential skills for a future scientific career but I have also enjoyed my time here immensely. If you are looking for somewhere to do a PhD and you are passionate about the science, as well as wanting to work somewhere with a great research environment, then Babraham is for you.

What others say

A career at the Babraham Institute offers an opportunity to work at a world-leading academic research institute, while also being located on a campus with over 50 biotech companies.  This, and the Institute’s proximity to the rest of the Cambridge cluster, make it an exciting place to work. 
K Evans-Roberts