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Are you interested in a career in science but are unsure about what your next step is, which direction to take or what is right for you?

You can find out more about the wide range of possible careers in science from our series of videos in which our scientists explain why they love their job, what they do on a daily basis, what inspires them, what got them into a science career in the first place and what their next steps will be.

While the ‘standard’ academic career path tends to start with a university degree, followed by three or four years doing a PhD and then postdoctoral research, there are a range of research-related careers branching out from each of these stages. This series of videos features scientists from the Babraham Institute and campus companies at different stages of their career, including the academic career track, those working in industry and in scientific support.

You can also download our poster which describes other career possibilities available with a science background.

Anne - Group Leader

Anne, a Group Leader in the Institue's Nuclear Dynamics programme, explains why she enjoys running her research group and the importance of a healthy work/life balance.

Rahul - Group Leader

Rahul, a Group Leader in the Institute's Lymphocyte Signalling programme, explains the challenges of combining research with managing his team.

Tacita - Public Engagement Manager

Tacita, the Institute's Public Engagement Manager, helps scientists to share their enthusiasm for research with audiences of all ages. Tacita's video explains how her science background has led to a career beyond the lab.

Simon - Imaging Facility Manager

Simon is the manager of the Babraham Institute's Imaging Facility, providing equipment, techniques and training to visualise the most intricate processes in cells.

Rob - Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Rob, a Postdoctoral Research Scientist working for Kymab Ltd, talks about his career since his PhD and why he enjoys working in industry

Alice - Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Alice, a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Michelle Linterman's group, part of the Institute's Lymphocyte Signalling Programme, talks about her love of research and how she hopes to run her own research group in the future.

Jack - PhD Student

Jack is a 3rd-year PhD student in Simon Cook's group, part of the Institute's Signalling Programme. In this video Jack explains what led him to be a research scientist, what his normal working day is like and the benefits of his research.

Lucy - Research Assistant

Lucy talks about what is involved in her job as a research assistant in Jon Houseley's group - part of the Epigenetics Programme, what life in the lab is really like and what she's planning for the next step in her science career.

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