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Sir Michael Berridge Prize

The Sir Michael Berridge Prize is awarded annually to a PhD student or postdoctoral researcher for their contribution to an outstanding piece of published science.

Amanda2017 Winner

For the first time in several years, the Berridge Prize was awarded to a PhD student, Amanda Collier, a member of the Rugg-Gunn lab. The award celebrates high-quality research and was presented to Amanda in recognition of her work as first author on a paper published by Cell Stem Cell in March. Her investigations have helped to reveal molecular markers that can monitor differentiating cells as they progress between cell states.

2016 Winner

The Sir Michael Berridge Prize 2016 was awarded to Alison Galloway, a recently graduated PhD student in the Institute’s Lymphocyte Signalling research programme. Alison won the award for a recent publication in Science, on which she was first-name author. The research uncovered the role of sequence-specific RNA binding proteins in ensuring correct entry and exit to the resting phases of the cell cycle during B cell development.

Speaking about the prize, Alison said: "I'm really pleased to win this prize and would like to thank Martin Turner and my co-workers and collaborators for their contributions to getting our paper published in a top journal"

After awarding the Prize, Professor Michael Wakelam, Institute Director, said “I was delighted to award the 2016 Sir Michael Berridge Prize to Alison. Her recently published research not only reported her outstanding work but is also an excellent example of collaborative working, bringing people together from across the Institute to share the expertise residing in the research and facility teams. Her presentation of this research at the Berridge lecture was impressive in its clarity, I enjoyed it immensely. The quality of the research and the accessible way it was presented demonstrates that Alison is a very worthy recipient.”

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