Events & Activities

The equality4success team organises a variety of internal events and activities with the aim of engaging staff and improving working culture. We also participate in many external activities with our national and international partners.

‘My Life In Science’ Seminar Series
The ‘My Life In Science’ seminar series provides an opportunity for inspiring role models to share their science, experiences and career stories as well as their thoughts on equality and inclusion in science with scientists at Babraham. Previous speakers include Prof Michael Wakelam, Prof Jackie Hunter CBE, Dr. Adrian Liston, Prof Dame Janet Thornton and Prof Doreen Cantrell.

Equality and Awareness Days
Throughout the year the equality4success team organises events and celebrations for various equality and awareness days such as LGBTSTEM Day, International Women’s Day, 50/50 Day, International Men’s Day and Equal Pay Day. This ranges from social media posts to stickers and badges to interactive stands in the café.

equality4success Bites Seminars and Discussion Groups
We run bite-size monthly discussion groups and casual seminars on various topics like flexible working, benevolent sexism, gender neutral parenting, and inclusive language. These half hour lunchtime events allow anyone to find time for learning and sharing about equality, diversity and inclusion.

Team members carry out one to one consultations with staff and students every two years. The team interview 25% of staff from all areas of the Institute with the aim to find out what is good about Babraham and what could be improved. We monitor changes over time and use feedback to help us to improve life at the Institute.

The equality4success team performs Equality Impact Assessments on policies to ensure we keep inclusivity and non-discrimination at the heart of our procedures. We also liaise with external experts and networks such as Stonewall or EDIS to make sure we are in line with current best practices.

The equality4success team work with external groups such as awareness groups, companies on campus and other research institutions to engage and influence the wider scientific community on issues relating to inclusion in science. We also work alongside many other groups across the Institute such as the Post Doc Committee, KEC committee, and sports and social club to develop ideas or organise events.

For further information contact Elizabeth Wynn