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CherylChair: Cheryl Smythe - International Grants Manager

Cheryl has two children of school age and along with her academic husband, works flexible hours working from home when necessary. She currently leads the Institute’s activities in the Horizon 2020 gender equality project LIBRA and is a particular advocate for equality of research outcomes.

ElizabethElizabeth Wynn - equality4success Manager

Elizabeth works flexible hours when needed to fulfil volunteering commitments and accommodate mental health issues. As e4s manager she is excited to oversee all aspects of the programme and make the Institute an inclusive and welcoming place where all staff, students and visitors can thrive.

AndreaAndrea Last - Head of Human Resources

Andrea sits on a number of committees at the Institute, including the Babraham Executive Committee, where she can make sure our EDI work is fully integrated. She works full time remotely with flexible hours and has had three maternity leaves.

Anne Anne Corcoran - Group Leader, Lymphocyte Signalling (research overview)

Anne founded the Institute’s Athena SWAN self-assessment team in 2013 and continues to be actively involved in EDI initiatives. She has had two maternity leaves at the Institute and used a phased return to work. Her family used Babraham Nursery and she now works flexible hours to enable her to do the school run.

ChristelChristel Krueger - Postdoc, Bioinformatics

Christel and her partner both work in bioinformatics and the Babraham Institute has proven a place in which they can make a dual career family with three kids work. They benefit from the opportunity to work flexibly and remotely, and from a family friendly culture. Christel has a special interest in matters relating to combining work and family life.

HannahHannah Demond - Postdoc, Epigenetics

Hannah brings a perspective for international staff at the Institute to the e4s team. She has a particular interest in how we can help postdocs develop their careers through mentoring and learning.

IzzyIzzy Hampson - PhD student, Signalling

Izzy works flexibly to accommodate other commitments with the University and commutes by a mix of cycling and using the subsidised campus commuter bus. As a student rep she hopes to bring students’ opinions and any issues to e4s meetings.

LouisaLouisa Wood - Communications Manager

Louisa has taken one period of maternity leave while employed at the Institute following the birth of her second daughter who now attends Babraham Nursery. After starting at the Institute in 2014, Louisa initially worked part time in order to support her first daughter’s integration into nursery and is currently working flexibly to balance childcare around school hours.

MattMatthew Humphries - Science Administrator

Matt works flexible hours for childcare purposes. In his role organising seminars he provides advice on inviting a diverse range of speakers and helps with data collecting.

Michael Michael Wakelam - Director (research overview)

Michael works flexibly to accommodate family commitments in a dual-career household

MichelleMichelle Linterman - Group Leader, Lymphocyte Signalling and Development (research overview)

Michelle helps represent tenure-track group leaders at the Institute and endorses a broad focus on equality and diversity beyond gender. She works flexible hours and is able to work from home when necessary.

SamSam Rees - PhD Student, Lymphocyte Signalling

Sam transitioned into being a student again after a period in industry giving him insight into non-traditional career transitions. He has a special interest in supporting the wellbeing and career development of students.

simon andrewsSimon Andrews - Head of Bioinformatics
Simon represents the views of facility staff. He understands the need for a flexible and supportive work environment as his group has benefited from being able to retain staff as changing family needs have caused them to move from full-time to part time or flexible hours. Simon works remotely to fit his schedule and encourages his team to as well.

SimonSimon Jones - Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Simon helps ensure our initiatives are beneficial to all staff, especially those in non-science roles. He has worked flexibly for childcare purposes in the past and understands the importance of an inclusive workplace.

SimonSimon Rudge - Senior Research Associate, Signalling (biography)

Simon helps represent the needs and concerns of students and early-career researchers. He is keen to extend participation in science to underrepresented groups and participates in our public engagement and outreach activities. Simon works flexible hours when needed.