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Kristina in Sequencing Facility

Sequencing Services

Researchers can select the sequencing platform and run type that provides the sequencing depth, read length and turnaround time that best suits their project.
The Sequencing Facility also carries out quality control DNA libraries for sequencing and RNA samples. 

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HiSeq High Output Sequencing

The HiSeq 2500 and 1000 instruments in High Output mode maximize throughput and data yield. As many as 200-300 million sequence reads may be obtained from a single lane on the HiSeq, and eight lanes are analysed simultaneously. The number of sequence reads obtained from the HiSeq allows a high level of multiplexing, and up to 96 libraries may be indexed and pooled in a single lane. Researchers analysing samples on the HiSeq can select from 50- or 100-bp reads and choose between Single-Read or Paired End sequencing runs.
Hi-Seq Rapid Run system

HiSeq Rapid Run Sequencing

The HiSeq 2500 in Rapid Run mode enables researchers to obtain results faster, from a limited number of samples without reducing the depth of sequencing.

‚ÄčThe Rapid Run mode of the HiSeq 2500 allows one or two samples to be analysed on a two-lane flowcell and produces 150-180 million reads per lane.
Sequencing Facility loading sequencer


The MiSeq personal sequencer provides maximum flexibility with wide range of read lengths and short turnover times.

‚ÄčThis instrument enables reseachers to select read lengths from 50- to 600-bp (the latter with a 2x300-bp Paired End sequencing run). The MiSeq has fast run times - a 50-cycle run takes just over 6 hours, while a 600-cycle can be completed in 2.25 days – as well as quick turnover times, making this instrument well suited for validation studies.