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Megan Cassidy

Megan Cassidy completed her BSc in Biology at the University of Bath. During her degree she spent a placement year at Astex Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge investigating the effect of activating MEK mutations on resistance to ERK pathway inhibitors.

This prompted her interest in signalling pathways and she joined Simon’s lab at the Babraham Institiute in 2017 as a Research Assistant working on a collaboration with Phoremost to develop a novel tools to identify ERK pathway inhibitors. Having found the Cook lab to her liking she decided to stay and Simon found no particular reason to object so she started her PhD in Oct 2018.

Outside of work Megan enjoys various sports (including cycling and swimming), playing her instruments (oboe and guitar, not at the same time) and cuddling her cat (yes, really!)


Latest Publications

An mTORC1-to-CDK1 Switch Maintains Autophagy Suppression during Mitosis.

Odle RI, Walker SA, Oxley D

Molecular cell
1097-4164: (2019)

PMID: 31733992

Targeting melanoma's MCL1 bias unleashes the apoptotic potential of BRAF and ERK1/2 pathway inhibitors.

Sale MJ, Minihane E, Monks NR

Nature communications
10 2041-1723:5167 (2019)

PMID: 31727888

Identification of a novel orally bioavailable ERK5 inhibitor with selectivity over p38α and BRD4.

Myers SM, Miller DC, Molyneux L

European journal of medicinal chemistry
178 1768-3254:530-543 (2019)

PMID: 31212132