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Research integrity: a landscape study
“There is a tension between researchers’ strong sense of personal values to uphold research integrity and systemic pressures that risk undermining these values.”

Towards a research integrity culture at universities: from recommendations to implementation



Science Has Been in a "Replication Crisis" for a Decade. Have We Learned Anything?
“We have a system whose incentives keep pushing bad research even as we understand more about what makes for good research.”

In praise of replication studies and null results

Rein in the four horsemen of reproducibility
“Researchers are less likely to write up studies that show no effect, and journal editors are less likely to accept them. Consequently, no one can learn from them, and researchers waste time and resources on repeating experiments, redundantly.”

Systemizing Effective Practice, Embedding it in Standard Practice

A manifesto for reproducible science | Nature Human Behaviour
“one analysis estimates that 85% of biomedical research efforts are wasted”

eLife Ambassadors: Going from strength to strength
From open science and reproducibility to diversity and career development, eLife Ambassadors remain active on a large number of projects.

r4e Community-led reproducibility workshops
Reproducibility for Everyone (R4E) is a community-led education initiative to increase adoption of open research practices at scale


Data analysis

Scientists rise up against statistical significance
“These common practices show how reliance on thresholds of statistical significance can mislead us.”


Research evaluation (DORA)

Five better ways to assess science

The 5 Hong Kong Principles:

  • Assess responsible research practices
  • Value complete reporting
  • Reward the practice of open science (open research)
  • Acknowledge a broad range of research activities
  • Recognise essential other tasks like peer review and mentoring



Research ethics

UKRIO webinar



Guide to Creative Commons

Committee on publication ethics

Elsevier investigates hundreds of peer reviewers for manipulating citations

Gender differences in how scientists present the importance of their research: observational study
An important study and the lead author makes some good suggestions regarding the review process. However, it is a pity that they suggest that we should fix the women - 'institutions should encourage female researchers to stand up for their results'. Surely we should be encouraging all authors to be more objective in their writing and let the readers make a judgement on novelty in the absence of spin.


Open science

Registered reports: peer review before results are known to align scientific values and practices


Peer review

Unprofessional peer reviews disproportionately harm underrepresented groups in STEM


Institutional change

Institutions can retool to make research more rigorous

Research integrity: nine ways to move from talk to walk


Resource hubs

UKRI Good Research Resource Hub

UK research integrity office

The embassy of good science

UK reproducibility network

Catalogue of bias