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Peter Fraser

Please note, Peter now also leads a research group at Florida State University, visit his page there for full details of his current research.

Research Summary

Dynamic changes in chromatin and chromosome architecture regulates patterns of cellular gene expression during differentiation and development, or in response to environmental signals. Our research looks at various levels of chromatin, chromosome and nuclear structure, from individual nucleosome modifications to the dynamic 3D structure of chromosomes and their inter-relationships in the nucleus and how they affect genome functions.

tel: +44 (0)1223-496644
email:  peter.fraser(at)

NEW!  Original Single-cell Hi-C protocol published. See our Protocols page or visit Nature Protocols

Some of our past and present research areas:

Promoter Capture Hi-C

Single-cell Hi-C reveals cell-to-cell variability in chromosome structure

Preferential associations between co-regulated genes at transcription factories

Non-coding RNA and epigenetic silencing of gene expression

Long-range chromatin interactions