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Nuclear Dynamics

Nuclear Dynamics

How the physical arrangement of the genome inside cells influences gene activity

colocalisationOur genomes influence, contribute to, or control nearly all aspects of our daily lives, from our health, well-being and longevity, to our susceptibility to disease, our aptitude for learning, and our adaptation and responses to diet, drugs and the environment.

We carry out basic research to create an integrated understanding of control of genome function in relation to health, immunity and ageing.

Discover more about the genome in 3D in the Nuclear Dynamics research feature from the 2016 Annual Research Report.


Making new contacts: Super-enhancers in changing cells

Changing DNA organisation changes gene activity between cell types

Super-enhancers contact different genes in different cell types


How good bacteria control your genes

The Varga-Weisz lab discover changes in the genome caused by signals from gut bacteria

Signals produced by bacteria in the gut could help prevent infections…


Epigenetics helps keep the immune system running

Dr Anne Corcoran's team examines the role of epigenetics in antibody production

Markers in the genome control how often certain genes are used…



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