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Previous lab members

Juliet Emery - Technical Services Manager, Babraham Institute

Dan Patton – Scientist at Zymeworks, Canada

Faruk Ramadani – Postdoc, Kings College London

Dalya Soond – Postdoc, University of Birmingham

Edward Banham-Hall - Working in the design, conduct and analysis of phase 1 and 2a clinical trials, and developer of the educational website Clinical Skills Pro.

Lizzie Slack - training to be a patent attorney.

Kristoffer Johansen has returned to the University of Copenhagen to complete his Masters - will return as PhD student in 2017!

Valentina Carbonaro, now doing her PhD at CRUK CI.

You can see where other Babraham Institute alumni are now on the People/Alumni pages

Okkenhaug Group Punting 2008

Punting 2008

Okkenhaug Group

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