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Bahram Firouzi

Latest Publications

GIMAP6 is required for T cell maintenance and efficient autophagy in mice.

Pascall JC, Webb LMC, Eskelinen EL

PloS one
13 1932-6203:e0196504 (2018)

PMID: 29718959

Multi-tissue DNA methylation age predictor in mouse.

Stubbs TM, Bonder MJ, Stark AK

Genome biology
18 1474-760X:68 (2017)

PMID: 28399939

Survival of mature T cells in the periphery is intrinsically dependent on GIMAP1 in mice.

Datta P, Webb LM, Avdo I

European journal of immunology
1521-4141: (2016)

PMID: 27792288

GIMAP1 Is Essential for the Survival of Naive and Activated B Cells In Vivo.

Webb LM, Datta P, Bell SE

Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)
1550-6606: (2015)

PMID: 26621859

Generation and characterisation of mice deficient in the multi-GTPase domain containing protein, GIMAP8.

Webb LM, Pascall JC, Hepburn L

PloS one
9 1932-6203:e110294 (2014)

PMID: 25329815

The miR-155-PU.1 axis acts on Pax5 to enable efficient terminal B cell differentiation.

Lu D, Nakagawa R, Lazzaro S

The Journal of experimental medicine
211 1540-9538:2183-98 (2014)

PMID: 25288398

Gimap3 and Gimap5 cooperate to maintain T-cell numbers in the mouse.

Yano K, Carter C, Yoshida N

European journal of immunology
44 1521-4141:561-72 (2014)

PMID: 24510501