Life Sciences Research for Lifelong Health

Group Members

Dr Michael Coleman

Dr Robert Adalbert

Dr Jonathan Gilley

Stacey Gould

Dr Andrea Loreto


Latest Publications

NAD cleavage activity by animal and plant TIR domains in cell death pathways.

Horsefield S, Burdett H, Zhang X

Science (New York, N.Y.)
365 1095-9203:793-799 (2019)

PMID: 31439792

Homozygous NMNAT2 mutation in sisters with polyneuropathy and erythromelalgia.

Huppke P, Wegener E, Gilley J

Experimental neurology
320 1090-2430:112958 (2019)

PMID: 31132363

A closer look at neuron interaction with track-etched microporous membranes.

George JH, Nagel D, Waller S

Scientific reports
8 2045-2322:15552 (2018)

PMID: 30341335

P7C3-A20 neuroprotection is independent of Wallerian degeneration in primary neuronal culture.

Hill CS, Menon DK, Coleman MP

1473-558X: (2018)

PMID: 30334859

Low levels of NMNAT2 compromise axon development and survival.

Gilley J, Mayer P, Yu G

Human molecular genetics
1460-2083: (2018)

PMID: 30304512

Interaction between a MAPT variant causing frontotemporal dementia and mutant APP affects axonal transport.

Adalbert R, Milde S, Durrant C

Neurobiology of aging
68 1558-1497:68-75 (2018)

PMID: 29729423

TDP-43 gains function due to perturbed autoregulation in a Tardbp knock-in mouse model of ALS-FTD.

White MA, Kim E, Duffy A

Nature neuroscience
1546-1726: (2018)

PMID: 29556029

Neuronal Cell Death.

Fricker M, Tolkovsky AM, Borutaite V

Physiological reviews
98 1522-1210:813-880 (2018)

PMID: 29488822

Sarm1 Deletion, but Not Wld(S), Confers Lifelong Rescue in a Mouse Model of Severe Axonopathy.

Gilley J, Ribchester RR, Coleman MP

Cell reports
21 2211-1247:10-16 (2017)

PMID: 28978465