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Making new contacts: Super-enhancers in changing cells

News   3d genome   epigenetics   genome organisation   stem cells  

Genes for age-linked brain deterioration identified

News   ageing   brain   epigenetics   health   stem cells  

Dissecting mutation patterns in human stem cells to study pr

Seminars   cancer   lymphocyte signalling   stem cells  

Bioscience Lite - current developments in stem cell research

Events   epigenetics   stem cells   teachers  

Defining the relationship between stem and progenitor cells

Seminars   cancer   nuclear dynamics   seminar   stem cells  

Pioneer Transcription factors in programming and reprogrammi

Seminars   epigenetics   nucleosomes   seminar   stem cells  

Controlling gene activity in human development

News   development   epigenetics   gene expression   press release   stem cells  

Genomic mosaicism generated by LINE-1 retrotransposition dur

Seminars   gene expression   genome   seminar   stem cells  

Insights into the development of sperm and egg cell precurso

News   development   epigenetics   press release   reprogramming   stem cells  

Mechanisms of iPS cell generation and beyond

Seminars   epigenetics   seminar   stem cells