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All kinds of JNK: How one kinase can be an oncogene, tumour

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Procollagen quality control at ER exit sites

Seminars   autophagy   cook   signalling  

Neutrophils in the regulation of inflammation

Seminars   infection   inflammation   seminar   signalling  

PI3K delta-RAC2 axis controls phagosomal NADPH oxidase activ

Seminars   seminar   signalling  

OH! The places you’ll go: Protein hydroxylation and its ro

Seminars   seminar   signalling  

Computational modeling of the CD8 T cell immune response

Seminars   immunology   seminar   signalling   t cell  

Babraham Lecture - Ras proteins as therapeutic targets

Seminars   cancer   lecture   seminar   signalling  

How cells regulate the dynamics of chromatin patterns

Seminars   cell   chromatin   seminar   signalling  

STEM Insights Teacher Placement Week

Events   epigenetics   secondary schools   signalling   teachers