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Live cell biochemistry by light

Seminars   cancer   cells   seminar   signaling  

Post-transcriptional regulation dictates T cell functionalit

Seminars   cancer   cell therapy   disease   health   lymphocyte and signalling development   seminar  

miR-221 promotes precursor B-cell retention in bone marrow b

Seminars   bone marrow   cells   lymphocyte signalling and development   mir-221   seminar  

Symmetry breaking and self-organisation in mouse development

Seminars   epigenetics   gene expression   mammalian development   seminar  

Structural maintenance of chromosomes

Seminars   chromosomes   dna   epigenetics   seminar  

Creating New In-Roads for Cancer-Specific T Cells

Seminars   cancer   lymphocyte signalling   seminar   tumour  

"Group 2 Innate Lymphoid cells at the interface between

Seminars   allergies   lymphocyte signalling   seminar   type 2 inflammation  

Defining the relationship between stem and progenitor cells

Seminars   cancer   nuclear dynamics   seminar   stem cells  

Pioneer Transcription factors in programming and reprogrammi

Seminars   epigenetics   nucleosomes   seminar   stem cells  

Regulation of X-chromosome inactivation in human Development

Seminars   epigenetics   seminar  

Editing the genome of human induced pluripotent stem cells

Seminars   crispr   genome   seminar   stem cells  

New mechanistic insight into de-regulated endo-lysosomal car

Seminars   alzheimer's disease   endosomal function   parkinson's disease   seminar   signalling  

RhoGEFs as signaling platforms of chemotactic GPCRs

Seminars   cancer   cell biology   seminar  

Myeloid networks and the lymph node microenvironment during

Seminars   immunology   lymphocyte signalling   seminar  

My Life in Science - Zania Stamataki

Seminars   athena swan   seminar   women in science  

Baby and me, plus an ERC!

Seminars   athena swan   immunology   seminar  

Genomic mosaicism generated by LINE-1 retrotransposition dur

Seminars   gene expression   genome   seminar   stem cells  

Circular DNAs from chromosomes are common copy number variat

Seminars   chromosome   epigenetics   genome   seminar  

Native and senescent 3D organization of the human genome

Seminars   chromosome   genome   nuclear dynamics   seminar  

Mechanisms of iPS cell generation and beyond

Seminars   epigenetics   seminar   stem cells  

What a natural reprogramming event tells us on the mechanism

Seminars   epigenetics   seminar  

How to improve your Experimental Design: the EDA, a new tool

Seminars   animal research   seminar  

Mathematical modelling of a germinal center

Seminars   lymphocyte signalling   seminar  

Nuclear phosphoinositides: greasing the wheels of transcript

Seminars   cancer   lipid   seminar   signalling  

EU Life Lecture - Structure vs. Function: A quantitative ana

Seminars   cell biology   chromosome   eulife   gene expression   nuclear dynamics   seminar