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Babraham Distinguished Lecture - Understanding cellular dyna

Seminars   lecture   seminar  

Babraham Distinguished Lecture - Control of B cell immunity

Seminars   immunology   lecture   seminar  

HuR vs. TTP: Who is really the Master Regulator of CD4+ T ce

Seminars   asthma   cancer   gene regulation   immunology   rna   seminar  

EU Life Lecture - Temporal scaling of C. elegans Ageing

Seminars   ageing   c.elegans   epigenetics   seminar  

Neutrophils in the regulation of inflammation

Seminars   infection   inflammation   seminar   signalling  

The pathological long-range regulatory effects of structural

Seminars   cells   epigenetics   reik   seminar  

Babraham Lecture - Endoplasmic reticulum turnover via select

Seminars   autophagy   ktistakis   lecture   seminar  

Molecular mechanisms of chromosome folding

Seminars   chromosome   genome   proteins   seminar  

Babraham Lecture - Controlling the killers: from genes to me

Seminars   immunology   lecture   lymphocyte   seminar  

Lister Prize Lecture - Molecular mechanisms of immunological

Seminars   lecture   lister prize   lymphocyte signalling   rahul roychoudhuri   seminar  

Including sex and gender in (bio)medical research design

Seminars   athena swan   equality4success   seminar  

PI3K delta-RAC2 axis controls phagosomal NADPH oxidase activ

Seminars   seminar   signalling  

Cellular responses to DNA damage: from mechanistic insights

Seminars   cancer   crispr   lecture   seminar  

Drosophila Kinome and Genome-wide RNAi screens reveal novel

Seminars   epigenetics   seminar  

Babraham Lecture - Pathology from the Molecular Scale on Up

Seminars   flow cytometry   lecture   seminar  

OH! The places you’ll go: Protein hydroxylation and its ro

Seminars   seminar   signalling  

Computational modeling of the CD8 T cell immune response

Seminars   immunology   seminar   signalling   t cell  

Viral Vectored Vaccines against Influenza

Seminars   immunology   lymphocyte signalling and development   seminar  

Babraham Lecture - Ras proteins as therapeutic targets

Seminars   cancer   lecture   seminar   signalling  

Investigations into the formation and re-activation of memor

Seminars   b cells   lymphocyte signalling   seminar  

Epigenetic regulation of antibody production and the formati

Seminars   b cells   epigenetics   seminar  

Distinguished Lecture - The Remote Control of Gene Expressio

Seminars   distinguished lecture   seminar  

How cells regulate the dynamics of chromatin patterns

Seminars   cell   chromatin   seminar   signalling  

Semantic Data Integration and Knowledge Management in Life S

Seminars   seminar