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Unpicking the links between dietary restriction and ageing

News   ageing   epigenetics   genome   methylation  

Ageing can be good for you (if you’re a yeast)

News   ageing   epigenetics   healthy ageing   press release  

Pioneer Transcription factors in programming and reprogrammi

Seminars   epigenetics   nucleosomes   seminar   stem cells  

Regulation of X-chromosome inactivation in human Development

Seminars   epigenetics   seminar  

GENiE Workshop - C.elegans consensus metabolic reconstructio

Events   c.elegans   epigenetics   metabolism   scientific forum   scientific workshop  

Insights into the development of sperm and egg cell precurso

News   development   epigenetics   press release   reprogramming   stem cells  

Mechanisms of iPS cell generation and beyond

Seminars   epigenetics   seminar   stem cells  

What a natural reprogramming event tells us on the mechanism

Seminars   epigenetics   seminar