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Tagged: epigenetics

Making new contacts: Super-enhancers in changing cells

News   3d genome   epigenetics   genome organisation   stem cells  

Genes for age-linked brain deterioration identified

News   ageing   brain   epigenetics   health   stem cells  

Keeping egg cells fresh with epigenetics

News   egg cells   epigenetics   fertility  

SMUG1 - A Classical DNA Glycosylase And An RNA Processing En

Seminars   ageing   cancer   epigenetics   seminar  

Peter Rugg-Gunn awarded tenure by the Institute

News   award   epigenetics   rugg-gunn   stem cells  

Making your Mark: Exploring Epigenetics at Big Biology Day

Events   epigenetics   public engagement   science festival  

EU LIFE Lecture - Histone Chaperones Maintain Cell Fates and

Seminars   c.elegans   epigenetics   eu life lecture   genome  

Symmetry breaking and self-organisation in mouse development

Seminars   epigenetics   gene expression   mammalian development   seminar  

Generic patterns of clone dynamics in growing tissues

Seminars   cells   epigenetics   organisms  

Bioscience Lite - current developments in stem cell research

Events   epigenetics   stem cells   teachers  

Structural maintenance of chromosomes

Seminars   chromosomes   dna   epigenetics   seminar