VectorBuilder: Revolutionising Vector Design and Custom Cloning

VectorBuilder: Revolutionising Vector Design and Custom Cloning (25 min Seminar)
The only reason cloning is not outsourced is because of cost and a need for communicating the precise details of each individual vector design for the experimental purpose. With VectorBuilder, this is no longer a problem. I will introduce and perform a live demo of VectorBuilder ( VectorBuilder is a revolutionary new online tool that not only allows you to create your custom vectors with ease but also allows you to simply order them within minutes at competitive prices and rapid turnaround times. With over 110,000 vectors already delivered, Vectorbuilder offers:
• Plasmids
• Lentivirus
• Adenovirus
• AAV (adeno associated virus)
• Tet-on/off
• Cre-lox
• Massive collections of ORFs
• Tissue-specific promoters
• Add tags/reporters/drug-selectable markers
• Virus packaging - Lenti, Adeno, AAV, MMLV
• BAC modification
• Library construction
Advanced Technologies For Rapid Generation Of Custom-Designed Animal Models For Your Research (25 min Seminar)
In this seminar, I will provide an overview of the current State-of-the-art as well as draw on own academic experience to give an overview of our technologies.

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Dr Rahul Roychoudhuri
The Cambridge Building - Kings Hedges Room