Targeting GARP on human Tregs: a novel approach for the immunotherapy of cancer?

Transforming growth factor-b1 (TGF-b1) is one of very few cytokines produced in a latent form, requiring activation to exert any of its vastly diverse effects on development, immunity, or cancer. Regulatory T cells (Tregs) suppress immune cells within close proximity by activating latent TGF-b1 presented by GARP to integrin αVβ8 on their surface. We solved the crystal structure of GARP:latent TGF-b1 bound to an antibody that stabilizes the complex and blocks release of active TGF-b1. This reveals how GARP exploits an unusual medley of interactions, including fold complementation by the N-terminus of TGF-b1, to chaperone and orient the cytokine for binding and activation by αVβ8. Our work further elucidates the mechanism of antibody-mediated blockade of TGF-b1 activation and immunosuppression by Tregs. We also explored the therapeutic potential of blocking anti-GARP:TGF-b1 antibodies in murine models of cancer. Finally, we present analyses of GARP-expressing Tregs in human melanoma samples, which suggest that targeting GARP on human Tregs with blocking antibodies could represent an novel approach for the immunotherapy of cancer.

Selected publications

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Science Translational Medicine. 7(284): 284ra56, 2015.

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