High dimensional analysis of the human mucosal immune system

Dr Frits Koning, Professor of Immunology, Department of Immunohaematology and Blood Transfusion (IHB), Leiden University Medical Centre will be visiting the Institute to meet with staff and present a seminar at 14:30hrs in the Brian Heap Seminar Room -

"High dimensional analysis of the human mucosal immune system reveals tissue and disease specific immune signatures"

Inflammatory intestinal diseases are characterized by abnormal immune responses and affect distinct locations of the gastrointestinal tract. On a single-cell basis, participating immune subsets have only been studied on a confined population level due to technical limitations. High-dimensional mass cytometry now offers the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive system-wide view of the mucosal immune system in health and disease. For this purpose we designed a 32 monoclonal antibody panel and used this to analyse immune cells obtained from intestinal biopsies and paired blood samples from “healthy” controls and patients with inflammatory intestinal diseases (celiac disease, refractory celiac disease and Crohn’s disease). By applying t-SNE-based tools to analyse the highly complex datasets we were able to define tissue- and disease-associated immune signatures across the adaptive and innate immune compartments. These findings indicate that such an integrated high-dimensional analysis of the entire immune system offers unprecedented resolution and this may have important implications for diagnostic procedures, immune-monitoring and treatment of inflammatory intestinal diseases.


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Dr Marc Veldhoen
The Brian Heap Seminar Room