Regulation of plasma cell trafficking and function in health and disease

Our group aims to gain better insights into how plasma cells differentiate, migrate, secrete antibodies and survive in health and autoimmunity. We are developing an in-depth analysis of plasma cells at the population as well as at the single cell level to identify new regulators of plasma cell differentiation and function. We are particularly interested in understanding how plasma cells migrate from the secondary lymphoid organs, where they are generated, to the bone marrow, or the inflamed tissues in the context of autoimmune disease. In line with that we recently demonstrated that Cxcr4 desensitization is a regulatory mechanism controlling plasma cell differentiation and migration.
We are also investigating how plasma cells secrete antibodies. Indeed, a single plasma cell can secrete several thousands antibodies per second and as such this cell type has developed specific mechanisms to cope with this high protein burden.

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Dr Michelle Linterman
The Brian Heap Seminar Room