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'Schools Day' for Teachers

This October we’re running a new CPD event for teachers. It will, provide an opportunity for you to update your knowledge in areas of science relevant to the curriculum, build confidence to discuss the context and relevance of science in the world today and co-create ideas for bringing our research to life in your classroom. The day will follow a similar format to our successful annual School’s Day. You can find out more about the regular Schools’ Day at:

Each of the Institute’s research groups from the fields of immunology, epigenetics and cell signalling will run a laboratory project on the day. These projects allow you to try fundamental biology research for yourselves – finding out about current scientific research using cutting-edge techniques and equipment. Additionally, to take advantage of our mixed research community at the Babraham Research Campus, some projects will also be run by some of the life-science commercial companies on campus.

After lunch there will be presentations by researchers from academia and industry, followed by a workshop where you’ll work with our scientists to develop classroom activities to translate our research into resources to enrich your curriculum. Some of our existing resources are already available on line at and we’re keen to develop more ways to bring our science to life!
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9.30    Welcome & Introduction
10.00  Laboratory Projects
12.45  Lunch
1.15    Researcher talks
2.00    Classroom resource development
3.30    End of event

Event Time & Dates

Starts09:30 am - 28/10/2019
Ends03:30 pm - 28/10/2019

Event Details

Contact Mike Hinton
LocationBabraham Institute


15 August, 2019