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Bioscience Lite - current sequencing technologies and their applications

Genome sequencing technology is developing at an amazing pace. It is now faster and cheaper than ever before to sequence genomes and this is transforming the face of biomedical science. In this Bioscience LITE scientists from  the Wellcome Genome Campus and Babraham Institute will discuss the latest DNA sequencing technologies and how they are being applied in the biomedical field.  Q&A sessions will follow each talk before a general discussion to allow sharing of teaching resource. Register on Eventbrite to attend or to receive the session video.
The programme for the event is below:
17:00 Arrival and refreshments
17:20: Welcome and introductions
17:30: Speaker from the Wellcome Genome Campus
18:10: Tour of facility 
18:45: Speaker from the Babraham Institute
19:30: Depart

​Bioscience LITE is a new series of free twilight teacher training events hosted by the Wellcome Genome Campus and the Babraham Institute. These sessions will provide you with updates on contemporary bioscience, access to some of our scientific facilities and introduce you to resources that can be used in the classroom.


5 June, 2017