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Consultancy invitation to tender

The Babraham Institute is in the process of updating its existing Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) strategy to cover the new funding period from 2017 to 2022.  In a project launching today, the Institute invites specialist consultants to assist in this process.
The scope of the project involves reviewing the existing 2012-2017 KEC strategy and benchmarking the Institute’s KEC activities against similar organisations, and the expectations of the BBSRC and RCUK.  It is also expected that recommendations and suggestions for new KEC opportunities will be delivered as part of the project.
KEC at the Institute takes many forms but mainly occurs through partnerships with external stakeholders including industry, policy makers, charities and clinicians.  Through co-creation of projects and events and/or two-way engagement with these partners, KEC is fundamental to the Institute’s research strategy.  Funded by a dedicated grant from the BBSRC, KEC is supported by a small team of KEC professionals headed up by Dr Simon Cook.  
Speaking about the consultancy project, Head of KEC, Dr Simon Cook said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to look at how we currently maximise the impact of our research and think about what we could be doing differently.  Working with a consultant may give us new ideas and insight into different ways of working.”
Babraham Institute welcomes responses from companies with experience of strategic development, experience in the bioscience sector would be an advantage.  

The closing date for the tender is 26 May 2017
For full details of the Invitation to Tender (ITT), please download this document (pdf)
Further enquiries should be sent to


26 April, 2017