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Building a pipeline of cancer therapeutics the Plexxikon way

Gideon joined Plexxikon as a senior director of drug discovery in 2002 and has been chief executive officer at Plexxikon since May 2013.

He has more than 23 years of biotechnology drug discovery experience including Director of Cellular Pharmacology at Syrrx Inc.
and positions at Onyx Pharmaceuticals, initially as one of the founding scientists and eventually senior director of small molecule therapeutics.  While there, Dr. Bollag was involved in the Onyx collaboration with Bayer to discover BAY 43-9006 (Nexavar), now an approved cancer treatment. 

Gideon was instrumental in the discovery and development of Zelboraf®, Plexxikon’s first oncology drug now approved in the U.S. and many other countries, along with its companion diagnostic.

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Event Time & Dates

Starts01:00 pm - 30/06/2016
Ends02:00 pm - 30/06/2016

Event Details

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LocationThe Brian Heap Seminar Room
SpeakerDr Gideon E. Bollag
Speaker AffiliationCEO, Plexxikon Inc USA


22 June, 2016