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The role of mRNA polyadenylation in rapid transcriptional responses

The research in my laboratory focuses on post-transcriptional gene regulation of mRNA and protein expression, especially by sequences downstream of the stop codon of the protein coding region. This type of gene regulation is much more common than previously thought, and includes modulation of mRNA stability, translational control, mRNA localisation and changes in nuclear polyadenylation. The regulation is generally mediated by RNA binding proteins, microRNAs and/or polyadenylation and deadenylation. We study these processes in cell lines during cell adhesion and proliferation, during the inflammatory response and in human embryonic stem cells. Our work has potential applications in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, cancer and regenerative medicine.

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Event Time & Dates

Starts01:00 pm - 01/11/2016
Ends02:00 pm - 01/11/2016

Event Details

Contact Dr Simon Cook
LocationThe Brian Heap Seminar Room
SpeakerDr Cornelia De Moor
Speaker AffiliationThe School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham
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11 April, 2016