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Multidisciplinary Approaches to Tackle Immune, Cancer & Developmental Response

Recent systems biology and big data efforts are revealing complexities beyond traditional static causal relationship approaches. Our research has focused on uncovering novel network and global response properties by studying dynamic cellular behaviors using systems biology approaches. We investigated instructive cell signaling and high-throughput transcriptome-wide behaviors of immune, cancer, and embryonic development cells. Our data reveal that cultured cell populations display deterministic ‘average’ signaling that can be interpreted using 9 linear response rules [1]. Adopting the rules, we have computationally predicted and experimentally verified novel signaling features, and key targets for suppressing proinflammatory responses [2] and cancer survival [3,4]. Furthermore, our transcriptome-wide statistical analyses and single cell stochastic model for embryonic developmental process [5], from oocyte to blastocysts cell stage differentiation, revealed distinct transcriptional programs where variability or biological noise is generated from 2-cell stage for cellular diversification.
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Starts01:00 pm - 08/10/2015
Ends02:00 pm - 08/10/2015

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Contact Dr Karen Lipkow
LocationThe Brian Heap Seminar Room
SpeakerDr Kumar Selvarajoo
Speaker AffiliationInstitute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University, Japan
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17 September, 2015