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Collage of photos from the 2015 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

What a week! Babraham researchers at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

With over 12,000 visitors and some challenging temperatures, the Babraham Institute’s immune army welcomed school students, the public and eminent researchers for a fabulous week at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London. Exhibit visitors were able to find out how the immune system works, learn about how it changes with age and talk to our researchers on how they are working to find out more about both areas.
Dr Tacita Nye, Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Officer at the Babraham Institute said: “The exhibition went tremendously well due to everyone’s hard work, dedication and commitment. It has been absolutely fantastic to have so many of our researchers involved across each of the Institute’s research programmes.
"The exhibit, website and resources have received high praise and the materials developed will form a core component of the Institute’s public engagement programme going forward in order to share them with as wide an audience as possible.” 
To get a flavour of our week at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition see our Storify review of our week in pictures and visit our immune army website to explore the Institute’s immunology research and the Immune Army: Weapons of Microscopic Destruction exhibit further.
We would like to thank the BBSRC, MedImmune, British Society of Immunology, Abzena and Crescendo Biologics for their financial support in developing the exhibit and immune army resources.


7 July, 2015