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Cambridge New Therapeutics Forum (CamNTF)

The Cambridge New Therapeutics Forum (CamNTF) is a scientific forum open to all scientists interested in research and development of new therapeutics in Cambridge and the local area.  The purpose of CamNTF is to promote interactions between scientists in order to improve opportunities for biotechnology research and development.

For the second CamNTF event, hosted by the Babraham Institute, we will be joined by Dr Xavier Jacq, Head of Biology (MISSION Therapeutics), an experienced drug discovery project manager and expert in protein ubiquitylation and Dr Klaus Okkenhaug, Group Leader (Babraham Institute), an immunologist with particular interests in cell signalling and PI3-kinases.


17.30        Doors open

18.00        PI3K signalling and activated PI3-delta syndrome 
                 Dr Klaus OkkenhaugBabraham Institute

18.30        DUBs, DUB inhibitors and synthetic lethal screens
                 Dr Xavier JacqMISSION Therapeutics

Attendance is free but all attendees must register in advance.

Event Time & Dates

Starts05:30 pm - 28/04/2015
Ends08:00 pm - 28/04/2015

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Event Details

Contact Dr Tacita L Nye
LocationBabraham Institute
Speaker AffiliationVarious


25 February, 2015