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Babraham Institute launches new website

Today we’ve unveiled our new website offering dynamic and responsive ways to explore the Institute’s research, staff, opportunities and activities. The key objectives of the redesign project were to create a more personalised user experience, meet the different user requirements of each of our main audiences and ensure ease of use.

Professor Michael Wakelam, Babraham Institute Director said “The website reflects the Institute’s commitment to engagement, to presenting our world-leading science, to openness and transparency. The website has been designed with the user journey in mind so no matter whether you’re an academic wanting to know about a particular aspect of our research, an industry member wanting to use our first-class scientific facilities or a member of the local community who wants to know about the science on their doorstep, we’ve designed the website so you can quickly access the information you want to find.”

In addition to presenting the Institute in words, the website’s imagery provides a window into the Institute itself, generally featuring Institute members of staff rather than stock images.

As well as refreshed design and navigation, the site has been enhanced with new content. For example, the Institute’s scientific facilities have a much higher profile, allowing potential and existing users to learn more about what each facility has to offer. The new Get Involved section highlights commercial, training and engagement opportunities for industry partners, students, schools and community groups.

The site has been designed to offer an accessible experience for all, including tablet and mobile users, so regardless of device, web visitors can enjoy everything the website has to offer while receiving the best user experience.

We’re excited to share the new website with you and welcome all user feedback and comments. Please send this to


17 November, 2014