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An opportunity for advancing medical research in Cambridge

An opportunity to visit the Babraham Research Campus to:
  • Hear about some of the biomedical research initiatives
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and research support
  • Find out about some of the companies located on the Campus that can facilitate medical research in Cambridge
Speaker List: Derek Jones, Chief Executive; Babraham Bioscience Technologies Ltd Richard Mason; XO1 Ltd "Ichorcumab - a CUH/CU/Babraham co-production" Klaus Okkenhaug; Babraham Institute "P13K in immunity, infection and cancer" Heather Fairhead; Phico Therapeutics Ltd  “SASPject – a novel antibacterial technology” Myriam Hemberger; Babraham Institute  “Getting the first steps right: Early trophoblast development for normal reproduction and lifelong health” Niall Martin;  MISSION Therapeutics Ltd  “Drugging the ubiquitin pathway for novel anticancer agents” Simon Cook; Babraham Institute  “Understanding acquired resistance to targeted kinase inhibitors” Mike Romanos; Crescendo Biologics Ltd  “A novel topical biologic for psoriasis derived from the Crescendo Mouse” Anne Corcoran; Babraham Institute  “Regulation of antibody repertoire” Simon Tate; Convergence Pharmaceuticals Ltd  “Clinical efficacy of the novel sodium channel blocker CNV1014802 in chronic pain”

Event Time & Dates

Starts02:00 pm - 20/10/2014

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LocationConference Centre


8 October, 2014