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Aneeta and Ameeta with Dr Simon Cook

Babraham Institute welcomes the UK's Young Scientists of the Year

Today we’re delighted to host the winners of the UK’s Young Scientists of the Year competition, Ameeta and Aneeta Kumar. Ameeta and Aneeta, twin sisters from Reading, jointly won the competition for their project to develop a diagnostic method for the early detection of cancerous tumours.

Part of their prize included a day’s visit to the Babraham Institute and we’re very proud to host such talented young scientists. Ameeta and Aneeta will spend their day experiencing the Institute’s research first hand, with a spotlight on the science and facilities of most relevance to their project. They’ll spend the morning as honorary members of Dr Simon Cook’s research group, discussing the group’s latest scientific findings and getting involved in some lab work.

The group's research focuses on understanding the signalling pathways involved in modulating ageing. The same pathways are frequently de-regulated in diseases such as cancer. In the afternoon, Ameeta and Aneeta will visit Cancer Research Technologies, a campus-based commercialisation company. They will be able to discuss the steps involved in theoretically developing their research project into a real-life diagnostic tool. The afternoon will conclude with a tour of some of the Babraham Institute’s state-of-the-art research facilities.

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20 August, 2014