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Babraham Institute Image of the Month – May 2014

The Babraham Institute has excellent core facilities which allow our scientists access to cutting edge technologies to support their research.  These facilities include; bioinformatics, next generation sequencing, flow cytometry, lipidomics, mass spectrometry and imaging. 

To highlight the breadth and beauty of the science at the Institute we ask scientists using the Imaging Facility to submit images for our ‘image of the month’ competition. This month’s winner was Yunhua Loo, a PhD-student in Marc Veldhoen’s lab, who is studying structures of the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is a network of thin vessels, similar to blood vessels that are spread across the body.  The lymphatic system is part of the immune system (which helps the body resist infection) and carries cells and fluid around the body.   

Yunhua's image shows the formation of lymphoid structures in the mesentery, a fat tissue that spans the small intestine and carries blood and lymphatic vessels.  The lymphoid structures were formed upon the introduction of immune system cells called CD4 T cells and it is thought that these cells recruit other cells to help develop the lymphoid structures.  This image helps us to understand how and why these structures are formed.


2 June, 2014