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Babraham Institute Enterprise Ltd

Babraham Commercialisation Services Ltd, the wholly-owned trading arm of the Babraham Institute, has changed its name to Babraham Institute Enterprise Ltd, to better reflect the company’s role.  The change in name is effective from 24th April 2014.

Babraham Institute Enterprise supports the commercialisation of the Babraham Institute's science. As part of this role, it manages, develops and commercialises the Babraham Institute's intellectual property portfolio. It also facilitates collaborations between the Institute and industry, and arranges access to the Institute's expertise and scientific facilities and services.  The company is managed by Dr Katy Evans-Roberts.

The Babraham Institute undertakes innovative life-sciences research to discover the molecular mechanisms that underlie normal cellular processes and functions, with the aim of improving lifelong wellbeing and healthy ageing. It is based on the Babraham Research Campus near Cambridge, which is also home to early-stage biomedical companies.  The Institute aims to maximise the impact of its research through knowledge exchange and commercialisation, and its scientists work with other organisations to translate that research into action for social and economic benefit.

Contact details Babraham Institute Enterprise Ltd Babraham Research Campus Cambridge CB22 3AT Tel: +44 (0)1223 496208


24 April, 2014