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The Nuclear Lamina and Cardiovascular Ageing

Professor Cathy Shanahan will be visiting Babraham on Tuesday 11th February presenting a seminar entitled ‘The nuclear lamina and cardiovascular ageing’.   She will discuss her research on vascular smooth muscle cell ageing, drawing similarities between normal vascular ageing and the premature ageing that occurs in patients with progeria.  Her particular focus is on the role prelamin A accumulation plays in mediating  VSMC senescence and phenotypic changes that promote vascular calcification. Cathy obtained her Ph.D. on scorpion chromosome genetics from the University of Adelaide, Australia. She worked for CSIRO in Sydney, Australia before moving to the University of Cambridge as a post-doc in the Departments of Biochemistry and then Medicine. In 1995 she was appointed as a British Heart Foundation Basic Sciences Lecturer and in 2005 became a British Heart Foundation Senior Fellow in the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge. In 2007 she took up the position of Professor of Cellular Signalling at King’s College London. If you wish to attend this seminar or meet with Professor Shanahan and you are not on the Babraham Research Campus please contact

Event Time & Dates

Starts01:00 pm - 11/02/2014

Event Details

Contact Tacita Nye
LocationBrian Heap Room
SpeakerProfessor Cathy Shanahan
Speaker AffiliationKings College London


3 February, 2014