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Helping Mend Broken Hearts

UK researchers have recently discovered how signalling processes within the heart can trigger the development of enlarged heart cells, a process called hypertrophy. While this may sound romantic, and is necessary for developmental growth, hypertrophy often leads to cardiac failure, which accounts for 25% deaths in the UK.

The image shown above, a 3D reconstruction of a section through a rat heart,  is from the BBSRC-funded Babraham Institute, a world-leading centre for studying the basic biology of signalling processes and (epi)genome regulation, supporting BBSRC's mission to drive advances in bioscience for health and improved quality of life.

Understanding how these changes occur in the heart, in response to disease and ageing, may lead to new approaches to maintain a healthy heart and to treat heart disease, which costs the economy about £9Bn annually. Read more on this at:

Check out the BBSRC Great British Bioscience Blog here: Copy right - Hanneke Okkenhaug  and Llewelyn Roderick from the Babraham Institute.


14 February, 2014