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Babraham Knowledge Exchange Forum

The Babraham Knowledge Exchange Forum is a biannual event that showcases research from the Babraham Institute and the 50 biomedical companies on the Babraham Research Campus.  The event consists of short scientific talks from Babraham Institute and campus company scientists, followed by a cheese and wine reception.

On the 6th March from 2pm we’ll be joined by Dr Anne Corcoran (Nuclear Dynamics), Dr Gavin Kelsey (Epigenetics), Dr Elena Vigorito (Lymphocyte Signalling & Development) and Dr Nicholas Ktistakis (Signalling) from the Babraham Institute, as well as Dr Mick McLean from ABeterno and Dr Tony Smith from Cambridge Epigenetix.

Additional commercial scientific talks will be announced soon. For the first time ever the Knowledge Exchange Forum will be open to external academics and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with relevant research interests.

Registration is free; tickets are available from:

Programme Tea and coffee available from 1:45pm
2.00 pm Welcome and Introduction – Dr Simon Cook
2.05 pm Dr Anne Corcoran, Nuclear Dynamics ISP, Babraham Institute High-resolution interrogation of antibody repertoires
2.20 pm Dr Mick McLean, ABeterno Cell selection using intracellular protein expression
2.35 pm Dr Gavin Kelsey, Epigenetics ISP, Babraham Institute
2.50 pm Dr Tony Smith, Cambridge Epigenetix Revealing the truth about Epigenetics
3.05 pm Dr Elena Vigorito, Lymphocyte Signalling & Development ISP, Babraham Institute Post-transcriptional regulation of antibody production
3.20 pm Campus Company, To be confirmed 3.35 pm Dr Nicholas Ktistakis, Signalling ISP, Babraham Institute Autophagy: the first three minutes
3.50 pm Campus Company, To be confirmed 4.05 pm Refreshments and Networking
For further information or questions please contact the Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Team:


5 February, 2014