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Babraham Institute Neuroscience Journal Club

Scientists at the Babraham Institute launch new Neuroscience Journal Club.

Dr Michael Coleman and Ms Handan Elaman will be hosting the first meeting of the Babraham Institute Neuroscience Journal Club on Wednesday 12th February, 12:30 – 14:00 in the Sir Brian Heap Seminar Room at the Babraham Research Campus.  Lunch will be provided from 12:30. The Neuroscience Journal Club is suitable for any academic or commercial scientist with relevant research interests.

Dr Coleman will present the first paper “Dynamics of Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Adult Humans” (Spalding et al., 2013; PubMed ID: 23746839), a topic that we hope will have wide appeal across the local neuroscience community. We hope to have an active discussion from all, but especially from those working on neural stem cells and neurodegeneration.

Places are limited so if you wish to attend please register by contacting Ms Elaman:  


6 February, 2014