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Primary School Outreach

Passing on our excitement about science to inspire a new generation of scientists

What we do

The Babraham Institute has a long history of working with schools in the local community and has successfully developed a range of activities suitable for KS1 and KS2.

These outreach activities are the result of collaboration and input from our scientists, teachers and our funders, the BBSRC. We aim to provide links to the National Curriculum when possible.

How we do it

Our primary schools programme aims to inspire children and to convey our passion and excitement about science to a new generation of researchers. Our outreach includes school visits and exciting hands-on activities delivered by scientists of all ages.

Most of our activities consist of a Q&A-style presentation designed to encourage discussion and an exciting and memorable hands-on activity for the whole class.

We are happy to provide advice to schools on lesson plans, science days and general science and careers enquiries.

STEM Ambassadors

Many Babraham scientists are also STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassadors. The STEM scheme is nationally co-ordinated by STEMNET and STEMTEAM-EAST and its aim is to inspire children and young people into STEM subjects.

Your local STEM organisation will be able to advise you on Ambassadors and activities in your area - while we would love to be able to visit every school in the country we cannot get to you all!

You could also try the British Association of Science or your nearest university.

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