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Our vision is of an open, transparent and accountable organisation that is leading in its contribution of science to culture, society, economic development and growth.  As a publically funded organisation it is vital that our researchers engage with different public groups and vice versa.

Our Aims

  • To develop activities that seek to widen the social and economic impact of our research
  • To engage with diverse public audiences to better understand their hopes, concerns and aspirations for research and to reflect this back into the work undertaken by the Babraham Institute
  • To enthuse and excite younger audiences about bioscience and to inspire them to consider science careers
  • To be open and transparent in our research communication and to provide opportunities for public groups to find out about Animal Research 
In this section you can find out about opportunities to engage with our researchers and our research, download resources for schools and find out about future events and partnerships involving the Babraham Institute.

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Engagement Blog

The Engagement Blog was created to allow Institute staff & students to share their stories and comments on public engagement events and activities as well as providing a space for our researchers to discuss scientific topics and about their life in the lab.

Events Galleries

Take a look at photographs from public events.

HAckney Primary school at Babraham
Students in Laboratory


Our Foundation and Primary School progamme aims to put real scientists into classrooms to transfer their enthusiasm and passion for science to future generations.


We have developed resources and outreach activities suitable for Secondary schools. This section provides details of activities that can be used to enhance and contextualise classroom teaching.

Sixth Form COnference
Discussion at Babraham Schools' Day 2014

Sixth Form

We provide opportunities for Sixth form students to learn more about our research by working alongside our research scientists.  Our events also introduce students to a wide variety of career options. 


We work with teachers to provide them with relevant content for their lessons and to provide resources that may help bring our science to the classroom.

Open Afternoon photographers
Jack at bench

Community Groups

Our Public Engagement team runs events that are open to public groups including the University of the Third Age. Find out more about the activities run by the Babraham Institute and how you can involve your group or society.


Information for researchers (students through to Group Leaders) looking to develop their communication and public engagement skills to improve engagement between scientists and non-experts.

Short Term Opportunities

We welcome expressions of interest in summer research placements for undergraduates in the middle years of their first degree, to enable students to gain first-hand experience of laboratory research during the summer vacation. Placements are usually six to ten weeks in duration. More information can be found on our Short Term Opportunities page.


Our activities are delivered with the financial assistance of the Babraham Institute, external grants from the BBSRC, learned societies and industry sponsorship. We are extremely grateful to all funders for their contribution and support of our public engagement and educational activities.

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