The Babraham Research Campus – supporting the UK bioscience industry

The Babraham Research Campus, near Cambridge, UK, provides around 115,000 square foot of laboratory and office space for early-stage bioscience companies alongside the world-renowned Babraham Institute.

The aim of the Campus, which was established in 1998, is to support new bioscience companies and catalyse the commercial exploitation of biomedical research. Companies on the site have access to research facilities, infrastructure and support services, as well as being in close proximity to the scientific expertise at the Babraham Institute and elsewhere in the Cambridge area.

The Campus is managed by Babraham Research Campus Ltd, which oversees the administration and development of the site.

This case study shows how the Campus has developed since the bioincubator was established in 1998, and how three companies currently based on the Campus are benefiting from the facilities it offers.

​Download the pdf or visit the Impact page of the BBSRC website