Campus Collaboration Fund

The Babraham Institute has established the Babraham Research Campus (BRC) Collaboration Fund to support the development of collaborative partnerships between researchers at the Babraham Institute and companies on the Babraham Research Campus. Funding is available to support the Institute costs (typical Institute salary, consumables, facility services) required to facilitate the sharing and development of knowledge, skills and technology within the Babraham Research Campus.

Aims of the BRC Collaboration Fund

  • Facilitate the development of links between Babraham Institute and Babraham Research Campus companies
  • Pump prime applications to translational and collaborative funding (e.g. UKRI-BBSRC Follow-on Fund, Innovate UK)
  • Facilitate the development of partnerships to foster longer-term collaborations
  • Facilitate opportunities to exchange knowledge, technology and people on the Babraham Research Campus
  • Provide training opportunities for individual researchers

Example Projects

  • Fostering new two-way partnerships that may lead to a more substantial research collaboration and translational grants following the award
  • Spending time in different scientific contexts and by integrating new techniques or methodologies e.g. learning a specialist methodology in an emerging area or developing a new research method using existing infrastructure
  • Bringing an industrial perspective to managing and enhancing impact of Institute research.
  • Staff exchanges between academic and campus company researchers


When applying for a BRC Collaboration Fund award, proposals must outline the intended outcome of the work or exchange and highlight the potential knowledge exchange and/or commercialisation opportunities.

  • Proposals must be undertaken by a Babraham Institute Research Group or Facility, and a Babraham Research Campus company and relate to areas of Institute scientific research interest.
  • Awards can only be used to support the project costs incurred by the Institute (typically Institute salaries, consumables, facility services). Any costs incurred by company projects partners cannot be supported from this award.
  • The lead applicant must be an Institute Group Leader or Facility Head.
  • Staff exchanges will be subject to checking of current contractual obligations.
  • The Campus Company involved is responsible for ensuring that it abides by State Aid rules.
  • All awarded projects must have started by the 1st of March 2023 and completed their expenditure by 31st March 2023.

Application deadline:  5pm on Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Application forms (including project budgets) must be submitted to the KEC Team

BRC Collaboration Fund proposals will be assessed by the KEC Committee, which will consider the novelty of the collaboration and the fit with aims of the BRC Collaboration Fund.

Exploitation and Impact

Receipt of a BRC Collaboration Fund award will be subject to execution of a research collaboration agreement, to be negotiated in good faith. Typically, any arising Intellectual Property is owned by the organization creating it.


Please get in touch with the Babraham Institute’s KEC team with any queries: