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A variety of accommodation options are available in Cambridge, though booking early is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Below is a list of some of the accommodation options available, prices are estimates and include breakfast.

Homerton college - £82 - The conference dinner will be held here
Promo code: Kx27865 - Required for advance booking
Hilton City Centre - £270
Regent Hotel - £127
The Lensfield Hotel - £115
Travelodge - £67


The Babraham Research Campus is located just south of Cambridge City Centre and can be reached by car, bus or bike. Please see below for directions and further information.


A conference bus will be available for all delegates for transport between the Babraham Research Campus and Cambridge. If you wish to make use of this service, please indicate this on the registration form. Specific times of the bus transport will be communicated to delegates in advance of the conference.

Please note there are currently roadworks on Hills road and timings may vary slightly.  Buses will display the 'Ageing Cell' conference logo. 

The buses will pick-up and drop-off at the following stops:
  • Exams Centre (City centre) - Cambridge Assessment, 1 Hills Road, CB1 2EU
  • Centennial Hotel (near Cambridge train station) - 63-71 Hills Road, CB2 1PG
  • Homerton College - Hills Road, CB2 8PH
  • Bell Language College (near Addenbrooke's) - Red Cross Lane, CB2 0QX
  • Babraham Institute - Babraham Research Campus, CB22 3AT

An estimated schedule is below:
Monday 27 March  
Exams Centre - 7:15 & 7.30 AM Babraham Institute - 6:45 PM
Centennial Hotel - 7.20 & 7:35 AM Bell Language College - 6:50 PM
Homerton College - 7.25 & 7:40 AM Homerton College - 6:55 PM
Bell Language College - 7:35 & 7:50 AM Centennial Hotel - 7:00 PM
Babraham Institute - 7:40 & 7:55 AM Exams Centre - 7:05 PM
Tuesday 28 March  
Exams Centre - 7:45 & 8:00 AM Babraham Institute - 5:15 PM
Centennial Hotel - 7:50 & 8:05 AM Bell Language College - 5:20 PM
Homerton College - 7:55 & 8:10 AM Homerton College - 5:25 PM
Bell Language College - 8:05 & 8:20 AM Centennial Hotel - 5:30 PM
Babraham Institute - 8:10 & 8:25 AM Exams Centre - 5:35 PM

Please note: There will be a sign for the conference in the coaches windscreens.


If you wish to cycle to the conference, cycle storage is available at the conference. Several bicycle paths lead to the Babraham Research Campus. A cycle map can be found here.


Private hire taxis can be arranged from the following:
Mastercab 01223 566654
Panther 01223 715715
Taxis from Cambridge train station to the Institute cost around £15


Parking will be available to those wishing to drive to the conference. Please be sure to state your intention to drive to the conference during registration as you will need to provide your vehicle registration number in advance to produce security passes. The location of the Babraham Research Campus is detailed below.

Please note that some sat-nav systems will direct you to the old entrance on the High Street, Babraham. Access to the Babraham Research Campus is now ONLY from the roundabout on the A1307. As part of our community policy, we request that Institute visitors avoid travelling through Babraham Village whenever possible.