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David Oxley

David obtained a degree in Chemistry from the University of Hull and completed a PhD studying the structures of the O- and K-polysaccharide antigens of the opportunistic pathogen Serratia marcescens. He then moved to the Plant Cell Biology Research Centre at the University of Melbourne in Australia, working first on the structure/function of the S-ribonucleases, the female component of the self-incompatibility system in the many flowering plants; and also on arabinogalactan proteins – ubiquitous plant cell surface and extracellular matrix proteoglycans. After a short spell at Proteome Systems Ltd – a biotech company in Sydney, where he set-up the LC-MS based platform for proteomic analysis and developed high sensitivity LC-MS methods for the analysis of glycoproteins. David joined the Babraham Institute in 2002 and established the Mass Spectrometry Facility, which he still runs.

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Latest Publications

Retinol and ascorbate drive erasure of epigenetic memory and enhance reprogramming to naïve pluripotency by complementary mechanisms.

Hore TA, von Meyenn F, Ravichandran M

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
1091-6490: (2016)

PMID: 27729528

Norbin Stimulates the Catalytic Activity and Plasma Membrane Localization of the Guanine-Nucleotide Exchange Factor P-Rex1.

Pan D, Barber MA, Hornigold K

The Journal of biological chemistry
1083-351X: (2016)

PMID: 26792863

Fgf and Esrrb integrate epigenetic and transcriptional networks that regulate self-renewal of trophoblast stem cells.

Latos PA, Goncalves A, Oxley D

Nature communications
6 2041-1723:7776 (2015)

PMID: 26206133

Resetting transcription factor control circuitry toward ground-state pluripotency in human.

Takashima Y, Guo G, Loos R

158 1097-4172:1254-69 (2014)

PMID: 25215486

The nuclear exosome is active and important during budding yeast meiosis.

Frenk S, Oxley D, Houseley J

PloS one
9 1932-6203:e107648 (2014)

PMID: 25210768

Dictyostelium uses ether-linked inositol phospholipids for intracellular signalling.

Clark J,Kay RR,Kielkowska A,Niewczas I,Fets L,Oxley D,Stephens LR,Hawkins PT

The EMBO journal
1460-2075: (2014)

PMID: 25180230